About Us

Be Active, Live Healthy, Thrive Longer

Gustavo Vieyra, founder of FitKidz believes the most effective way to tackle health disparities in America is by educating children about the importance of health and fitness. He understands the importance of building confidence in young children, through an active and conscious lifestyle. His philosophy is to develop healthy habits early on that will positively impact children for the rest of their lives. He believes that children who have fun during physical activity, will acquire the skills needed to maintain an active lifestyle.

Coach Gustavo participated in a variety of sports growing up including: wrestling, soccer, track and field, cross country, and swimming. Since 2014 he has coached young children in various sports to hone in on their skills and develop a passion for sports and fitness. Coach Gustavo tailors his approach to children on an individual level that results in active engagement and deeper understanding of themselves as athletes. In addition to working with able bodied children, Gustavo also has experience providing adapted physical activity to individuals with disabilities.

Gustavo has a degree in Kinesiology from California State University, Northridge and plans to continue his education with an emphasis in motor development in young children.